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Ahuhu - Coffein Thickening Tonic For Hair

Ahuhu - Coffein Thickening Tonic For Hair

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  • Strengthens & strengthens the hair from the root
  • Refreshing menthol not only gives the tonic a wonderful scent, it also invigorates the scalp and protects it from drying out.
  • The tonic is suitable for every hair type and also for hair loss, but can be particularly full, voluminous and powerless, tired and fine hair act.
Vital power! - Theahuhu COFFEIN Thickening Tonic (100 ml) -The revitalizing tonic is the ideal complement to the COFFEIN Thickening Shampoo. Strengthening and strengthening active ingredients such as caffeine and maca root extract strengthen the hair directly from the root. In addition, rice starch settles around the hair like an invisible scaffold, giving it support, making it more grippy and fuller.


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