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Mammy Village - Afterbirth Waist Support Belt - Ebony

Mammy Village - Afterbirth Waist Support Belt - Ebony

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The Postpartum Abdominal Belt boasts a unique design crafted to help shed post-pregnancy weight swiftly and restore your figure to its former glory. It effectively tones and sculpts your waist without causing discomfort or feeling overly restrictive. Its snug fit extends seamlessly from the waist to the hips. The ultra-smooth and soft inner layer, crafted from breathable cotton, excels at moisture absorption. Reclaim that stunning figure swiftly and effortlessly! No need for strenuous workouts or trial-and-error experiments with post-pregnancy creams. Your all-in-one solution is here with the Mammy Village Abdominal Belt.

Available Sizes:
- Medium: Fits waist sizes 56-89cm
- Large: Fits waist sizes 89-114cm
- XL: Fits waist sizes 114-132cm


Key Characteristics: 
1. Highly Moisture-Absorbent Inner Layer crafted from cotton
2. Impeccable Fit spanning from waist to hip
3. Unparalleled Comfort without any added strain
4. Double-Layered for enhanced and consistent support


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