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Pampers Premium Care Diapers - 120 Pack, Size 6, Suitable for Babies Weighing 13+ Kg

Pampers Premium Care Diapers - 120 Pack, Size 6, Suitable for Babies Weighing 13+ Kg

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1. **Gentle and Comfortable Diapers**: Embrace your baby in a cocoon of softness with all-around soft and stretchy sides. These diapers ensure a snug and comfortable fit, keeping your baby's skin soft and protected, especially around the delicate belly area.

2. **Breathable Materials**: Crafted from breathable materials with tiny micropores, these diapers are designed to allow fresh air in while letting humid air escape. This ventilation keeps your baby's skin comfortably dry and irritation-free, aided by a lotion that adds an extra layer of protection.

3. **Quick Dry System**: Pampers Premium Care diapers offer a silky-soft feel while efficiently wicking wetness away from your baby's skin. This is made possible by their super absorbent quilts, ensuring a dry and comfy experience.

4. **Mess-Resistant Absorption**: Featuring an exclusive Absorb-Away Layer, these diapers excel at drawing wetness and mess away from your baby's skin, offering enhanced protection against irritation.

5. **Comfortable, Tailored Fit**: Premium Care diapers are designed for supreme comfort, featuring cotton-like materials and soft, repositionable strips to secure the diaper snugly on your baby. Their stretchy belt and leg cuffs adapt to your baby's movements, ensuring a gentle and secure fit throughout the day.

Pampers Premium Care baby diapers are a gentle caress for your baby's skin, delivering both softness and comfort. They are expertly designed in Pampers' state-of-the-art German laboratories, offering a snug fit that guarantees leak-free comfort for your little one. Infused with cotton-like softness and fortified with a built-in lotion, these diapers are tailored to provide your baby with the gentlest touch while proactively preventing rashes.

What sets these diapers apart is their unique layer that swiftly absorbs runny messes, ensuring that your baby's delicate skin remains protected. With the addition of extra absorbent channels, wetness is evenly distributed, promoting trusted dryness without unnecessary bulk.

Pampers Premium Care diapers even feature a wetness indicator that transitions from yellow to blue upon contact with fluids, assisting parents in knowing when it's time for a change. It's no surprise that Pampers Premium Care stands as the preferred choice of mothers everywhere!


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